Le Saut du Laire




Starting point : Prapic 1540m
Arrival point : Saut du Laire 1886
Difference in height : 346 mètres
Climbing time : 1h30


On this family hike, you will cross the territory of the marmots in the middle of magnificent landscapes.


Itinerary :


From Pont du Fossé, take the D944 (Orcières Merlette) to Orcières. In the village at the crossroads follow the D474 on your right (Prapic 4 km). At the entrance to the village of Prapic park in the large car park.

At the end of the village, at the crossroads, take the path on the right (Saut du Laire 1h30, Basset 1h45) which enters the Drac valley (Ecrins National Park).

At the Oratoire intersection, take the left-hand path that crosses the Charniere plateau (Saut du Laire 1h15). You will then pass by the Chapelle de la Saulce to reach the Saut du Laire waterfall.

The return can be done by the same path or in a loop by the Basset plateau.


For the more experienced hikers, from the Saut du Laire several routes are available:

  • the Col des Terres Blanches 2721 m (3h00)
  • the summit of Tuba 3007 m (4h00)
  • the col des Tourettes 2582 m and the lake of Rougnou 2526 m (2h30)
  • the Mourre Froid 2998m (3h00)
  • Lake Rayna 2713m (3h00)

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